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Why Halcor?

It is the largest, modern and the most develop copper pipe production facility in Europe with its annual 70.000 ton production. The facility is constructed mainly for the purpose of producing fine diameters, low Wall thickness and grooved pipes and thanks to these features, it produces the most qualified copper pipes in Europe. In all continents, in more than 80 countries, Halcor copper pipe is the most choosen one. VIOHALCO Holding, incorporating Halcor, makes 95% of its other industrial products except copper, such as aluminium cable out of Greece and it has a significant amount of indorsement approximately equal to an important percent of all Greek exportation.
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PEX – Pipe Type

Simple Polyethylene isolation material (PE) operates smoothly max. 80 oC implementations while it starts to lose its form at higher temperatures and after a while it melts completely. For example, at 115 oC, it melts in 10 – 15 minutes maximum. On the contrary, Cross Linked Polyethylene isolation material (PEX) can operate at 120 oC implementations without any problem. In the cooling practices, because of making implementations with high temperatures, PEX should be specifically preferred. Otherwise, although the pipe might seem as if it had an isolation material on the outside, the polyethylene material under the out cover might be partly or completely melted. In this case, system cannot operate productively. According to the test results, in an implementation with 38 oC environmental temperature and 80% moisture, the use of energy in a pipe to which 7 oC cooling liquid is sent and no isolation is used, was measured 55% higher than a 9mm PEX – Pipe type isolation pipe.

PEX Polyethylene isolation material can be produced both as mattress and pipe before being applied to the pipe. After the material produced as mattress is covered to the pipe, the material having the previous form as mattress will tend to become mattress in form. Thus, there appears an image of drop and the isolation with that section cannot cover the pipe completely and the holes result in mouisture from condensation. Besides not being able to do the required isolation because of this condensation, in high condensation case, the water will go through the pipe and damages the installation and environment. This creates the basic reason for the problems in concealed implementations. Pipe type cross linked polyethylene is the patent-pending product of Halcor.

PEX Polyethylene isolation consists of small bubbles including more air than simple polyethylene isolation; the product has tougher and smoother surface and with this feature, the product becomes more resistant. In the copper pipe with coil-binding isolation, the isolation resists againt pressure and it does not lose its form. In the same binding, the simple polyethylene isolation cannot resist against this pressure enough, it gets crushed, thus, the air in the bubbles, which are supposed to provide isolation capability, is lost and the isolation pipe loses its feature partly or completely.
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Ecutherm™-5/8” 1.00 / 13mm
5,571307 USD
Ecutherm™-5/8” 1.00 / 13mm - Black
5,571307 USD